Everyone wants that picture-perfect photo op, whether it is for your Instagram feed or your family photo album. We're going to let you in on a little secret.... Kansas is actually a photogenic place! Some of Kansas' most scenic areas are found in Western Kansas, and we sent the 'Travel Couple' Scott and Collette of Roamaroo to scout some of the most scenic views so you can have that perfect pic and have a little fun while you're at it! 

Monument Rocks

Monument Rocks one of Kansas' most iconic landscapes, but trust us... You can never have enough photos at Monument Rocks. We recommend not trekking to see these unique features after precipitation (these are rutty, dirt roads after all!) And if it looks like your vehicle can't make it, trust that gut instinct! While smaller vehicles can make the trip when conditions are just right, these dirt roads can be rough terrain to cover. But the destination is definitely worth the journey! The chalk for these formations was deposited around 80 million years ago during the Cretaceous period (when Kansas was covered by an interior seaway.) The ancient materials that lined this ancient 'ocean' were perfect for preserving animal remains, so Monument Rocks, as well as the area around it, are perfect for fossil hunters!

Syracuse Sand Dunes

The Syracuse Sand Dunes are another sight that many don't expect to see in Kansas. But these dunes aren't just a pretty spot meant for reflection, they are there for stomach-dropping, blood pumpin' fun! There are 1,300 acres of beautiful dunes, sandy flats, bowls and rolling hills that you can explore via ATV. There is also RV parking, dry camping, restroom facilities, and a 40-acre kid-friendly fishing pond.

Cedar Bluff State Park

Looking for a place to stop and stretch your legs while you're on I-70? Or maybe you're just looking for a nature-filled getaway? Cedar Bluff State Park is your place! This reservoir is a favorite for boaters and jetskiers, and the dramatic bluff makes an excellent backdrop for your photos. The park also features an accessible shoreline and a covered accessible fishing dock for travelers with disabilities. With more than 100 utility campsites, numerous primitive campsites and five reservable cabins, you can enjoy nature at whatever comfort level you prefer. But a quick tip, if you are looking to reserve a cabin you'll want to reserve it well in advance (especially for weekend adventures). These cabins are in high demand!

Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park

You've been told your entire life that Kansas is flat. But when you first see these chalk formations ascending more than 100 feet into the skyline it's hard to know which will drop faster- your misconceptions or your jaw. While the chalk that makes up the formations in Little Jerusalem is similar to Monument Rocks, this 332-acres state park is home to 220 acres of dramatic chalk rock formations and is owned by The Nature Conservancy, a global non-profit conservation organization. Beyond the impressive scenic views, the area serves as nesting habitat for ferruginous hawks and is home to rare plants. Trust us, this isn't an area that you want to miss.

Plan Your Getaway

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