Kansas is home to 12 extraordinary byways that are perfect for family adventures and weekend getaways. Learn more about these awesome drives and find the adventure that's perfect for you!

Meet the 12 Kansas Byways

Flint Hills National Scenic Byway

The winding roads through the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway are proof Kansas is anything but flat.  This drive takes you through the only ecosystem of its kind in the world.  In fact, most of the remaining 4% of the tallgrass prairie is in the Sunflower State. This precious, yet resilient land is home to majestic bison, colorful wildflowers, towering big blue stem grass, a variety of wildlife, and quaint towns full of flavor, arts, music, history, and culture.

Frontier Military Historic Byway

Travel through the places where historic events changed the shape of the world. Frontier Military Historic Byway is a history buff’s paradise, kid-approved and road-trip worthy. From the historic forts, sites of civil war skirmishes, nationally recognized museums to trails built for beginners to the extreme movers and shakers.  In the fall, see the beauty of this region come alive with Instagram worthy rich hues and righteous views.

Glacial Hills Scenic Byway

The rolling hills and rock-strewn valleys on this byway take you through the winding hills of northeast Kansas. See the land that welcomed Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition and celebrate the diversity that makes up the landscapes and the people that call this byway home.

Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway

Nestled in the grasslands of southwest Kansas, these “red hills” are enchantingly noteworthy for the rolling, weathered hills, picturesque vistas, and outdoor recreational opportunities. The Gypsum Hills communities are spirited, history-rich towns that boast Native American, cowboy, and pioneering culture. The voices of those that shaped this land are prevalent today, creating one-of-a-kind experiences and memories.

Land & Sky Scenic Byway

The only byway in Kansas that focuses on agriculture, this byway is as beautiful as it is educational. Find yourself on the highest point in the state, exploring the twisting, rocky landscape of Arikaree breaks, and celebrating the solace of silence in the wake of a famous Kansas sunset. 

Land & Sky Scenic Byway

Travelers along the Land and Sky Scenic Byway have the opportunity to experience the Wallace Branch of the Great Western Cattle Trail, scale the highest point in Kansas at Mount Sunflower and explore the deep canyons and…

Native Stone Scenic Byway

The Native Stone Scenic Byway highlights both the natural wonder of rock formations and the amazing craftwork of masons who built the small towns and communities with the native Kansas stone. Beautiful panoramic views, the stunning Flint Hills and the picturesque towns along the way make this an unforgettable road trip.

Post Rock Scenic Byway

The Post Rock Scenic Byway winds through fields, pastures, and prairie. The landscape's unique beauty and challenges required pioneers to earn their space here. The legacy of the pioneers' creativity and resourcefulness lives on. The area's many hills, creeks and valleys create a habitat attractive to a range of wildlife, hardy wildflowers flourish, along with countless acres of rich grazing land carpeted with native grasses.

Prairie Trail Scenic Byway

Home to unique rock formations and landscapes, this region totes some serous adventure worthy locations. Watch bison and elk graze the nutrient rich prairie. Immerse yourself in heritage rich communities and enjoy the simple pleasures of a hearty meal and a cold brew. This byway is jampacked with attractions for the road trip loving souls.

Route 66 Byway

Kansas’ most nostalgic byway. The 13 miles of Kansas’ original Route 66 takes you back in time and is best spent with the windows down, and the music up. Many structures from the “Mother Road” still exist today, like the only remaining Marsh Arch bridge on the route and Nelson’s Old Riverton Store. See the tow that inspired “Tow Mater” from Pixar’s movie “Cars”.

Smoky Valley Byway

Named for their hazy, blue appearance, these valleys know how to put on a show. The Smoky Valley Byway takes you through some of the best places in Kansas to view the native grasses and show-stopping wildflowers. Stop and wander through the rugged bluffs and unexpected canyons found in this explorer’s paradise.

Western Vistas Byway

The wild, wild west lives up to its namesake. This byway is full of unexpected landscapes, diverse cultures, and remnants from some of the most infamous cowboys that roamed this land. Breathtaking rock formations and locations among some of the best spots for fossil hunting in the world, the Western Vistas Byway offers a wild, one-of-a-kind road trip.

Wetlands and Wildlife Byway

This byway is a reminder that we are part of constant geological change and the beauty that encompasses the land of Kansas.   This byway takes you through the largest marsh in the interior U.S. and home to nationally acclaimed viewing for migratory birds.  The wild winds and rich history take you on a memorable ride through the heart of Kansas.