Zinc Civil War Statue

Iola Cemetery, W US Hwy 54, Iola, KS 66749

Located in the Iola Cemetery on the west edge of Iola on U.S. 54 Highway.

The statue, was built in 1903 or 1904, and was one of only four white bronze, or zinc, Civil War statues in Kansas built by the J.W. Fiske Foundry. It was dedicated at Iola Cemetery shortly thereafter.
Scattered throughout the cemetery are the graves of soldiers of several of our country's wars, including the grave of 91-year-old Latimer Alder, a veteran of the War of 1812. One of the most hallowed parts of the cemetery is the soldiers' plot that surrounds the statue. The majority of those buried in this plot are soldiers of the Civil War, but also included is one woman, Victoria Cowden. Affectionately known as "Granny" Cowden, her body lies interred here with a marker that reads simply "Granny Cowden Army Nurse."

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