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In 1906, A.M. Switzer plotted the little town of Yoder as a central point for surrounding Amish communities. Though many businesses and homes have moved in around Yoder, the picturesque town has stayed the same size.

With the emergence of new business, Yoder has prospered, inviting visitors to take a step back in time and enjoy the Amish settlement. The town is a quaint mixture of the past and present, as horse buggies are intermingled with cars and trucks.

Stroll down the streets in the quiet and quaint community that boasts several unique and timeless treasures in its welcoming stores. Enjoy the intricate beauty of hand-stitched quilts, stores filled with antiques, handcrafted furniture, as well as the old-style hardware store. Don't forget to treat yourself to a freshly-made delicious cinnamon roll at the bakery. And top off your visit with a family-style dinner at the local restaurant.

Yoder welcomes its visitors to enjoy the simplicity of the past with comforts of the present. For more information on Yoder, go to www.yoderkansas.com

Yoder Heritage Day

August 26, 2017 Yoder Map it

Annually 4th Saturday in August. Several thousand people flock to the small community of Yoder to celebrate Yoder Heritage... Learn more

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