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128 N. 13th St., Trego County Fairgrounds, WaKeeney, KS 67672
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The Trego County Historical Society Museum was dedicated on June 15, 1975 and is located on the Trego County Fairgrounds in WaKeeney along US Hwy 283. It was the desire of the Trego County Commissioners who authorized the building of the museum to construct a lasting memorial to the people of Trego County and the surrounding area.

There is a vast collection of pioneer possessions on display, such as the old safe from the Trego County Treasurer's Office which was installed in 1901; a teller's cage from the Ogallah Bank; a telephone exchange used in Collyer in 1910; equipment used by pioneer doctors; the first printing press of the Western Kansas World dating back to 1879; items from both World Wars; and early day household and farm equipment and tools. Beginning in 1875-78, many people began settling in Trego County. They were Civil War veterans, soldiers, and sailors as well as immigrants from England, Germany by way of Russia, Bohemia, Sweden and Czechoslovakia.

Several years ago an original one-room schoolhouse was moved onto the museum site to display historical school materials and furnishings.

A new addition is currently under construction, which will double the space for displays.

Open: Sunday - 1-4 pm; Monday - Closed; Tuesday - 10am-Noon & 1-5pm; Wednesday - 1-5pm; Thursday - 1-5pm; Friday - 10am-Noon & 1-5pm; Saturday - 10am-Noon & 1-4pm.

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