Ted Ensley Gardens

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3137 SE 29th St, Topeka, KS 66605

The Ted Ensley Gardens are located on the west side of beautiful Lake Shawnee. Located at the intersection of SE 37th Street and West Edge Rd., (3650 SE West Edge Rd.) these "World Class" gardens span 9 ½ acres. In addition to the fantastic panoramic views of Lake Shawnee the gardens also include:
A Meditation Garden
Rock Gardens
Water Gardens
Rose Gardens
Water falls and Fountains
The entrance to Ted Ensley Gardens is our trail head shelter and restroom located just north of 37th street and West Edge road. From there you walk through a beautiful 60 ft. covered bridge over a rocky stream. Then you stroll on the sidewalk though a meditation garden, rock gardens, many annual and perennial beds, rose gardens and water gardens.

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