St. Anthony Church

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205 Church Street, Arapahoe & Church St., Schoenchen, KS 67667
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The first church services in Schoenchen were held in private dwellings until a structure could be built. Construction of the first church began in 1879. The stone walls were already completed when, in the spring of 1880, a heavy rain caused the foundation to settle, cracking the walls so badly that the structure was abandoned. In it's place, a temporary wooden frame church, 30x18x9 feet was erected in the fall of 1881. The cornerstone of the current stone church was laid April 18, 1900, and the church was dedicated June 13, 1911. To quarry the native limestone blocks was a difficult task since the only tools they had were hand drills, wedges and sledge hammers. All adult men pledged to help one day a week towards the construction of the church. In addition to the volunteer labor, every parishioner over 12 years of age was assessed $40 towards the construction. The church features Gothic windows, gold-capped arch, abutments and unusual crown shaped light fixtures. St. Anthony Church was scarred by fire on two occasions. The first blaze erupted by a floor furnace near the front of the church in the early 1920’s. The second fire was in the rear of the church in 1932. After each fire, the church was rebuilt and arches were placed in the ceiling after the last fire.Active parish. Open for free tours by appointment. Masses: Sat - 5:30 pm.

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