Seth Thomas Clock Tower

(620) 429-3848
110 W. Maple, Columbus, KS 66725

This 1919 Seth Thomas Clock,is housed in a 40-foot climate controlled tower on the NW corner of the Cherokee County Courthouse lawn. Visitors may stand and look through the three picture windows and watch all the mechanisms whirl and work. The Face is marble and hands are made of walnut. All original from 1919. The clock Gongs on hour and half-hour and can be heard all over town. The clock was purchased in 1918 as a memorial to WWI veterans and installed in the old courthouse tower. When the new courthouse was built in 1954 the clock faces were incorporated into the new building, but the mechanisms were thrown in a county barn, in gravel, left to rust until it was rescued in the late 1980s, put back together so the community would once again hear its gong and know the time of day.

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