Sawhill Park

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East Washington, St Francis, KS 67756
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n 1934, during the dust storms and crop failures on the Plains, one man had a vision of an oasis with shaded green lawns and colorful gardens. Working with the city council, Howard T. Sawhill and his wife Vivian set forth a plan to build a park on an empty lot on Main Street in downtown St. Francis. With WPA workmen and federal funds, the park became a reality.

Today, Sawhill Park is the setting for many special events in St. Francis, including the annual Cheyenne County Car Show, the Relay for Life and the Farmers Market.  Some years the Alumni Reunion holds events in the park; in the summer, families picnic and children enjoy the playground equipment. Outdoor productions are performed in the amphitheater with an attentive audience in the circle of auditorium seats.

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