Pinwheel Farm

PO Box 1561, Lawrence, KS 66044
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Tours/demonstrations of our farm operations; hands-on learning experiences (volunteer) involving all aspects of farming and value-added crafts based on farm products; educational presentations both on and off farm; how-to classes and workshops (on and off-farm); home stays (limited); nature walks; off-grid worship services; small off-grid weddings and similar events; agri-arts events, workshops and opportunities; Farmer's Market, including off-farm vendors and a licensed Mobile Vending Unit providing concessions prepared with Pinwheel Farm ingredients; on-farm sales of farm and value-added products as well as ancillary products; farm product tasting events; farm-related recreational activities such as hiking, wildlife watching, dog experiences, kites, informal ball games, frisbees, etc.; edible wild plants; children's classes and tours; farm housekeeping skills; wool-related crafts and experiences; farm product/tool demonstrations/testing; tree farming; skinning and working with hides; hugelkultur; permaculture; aquatic environments; fruit production; u-pick for selected crops; Sheep Shearing Open Farm Day including hands-on experience with wool and shearing; sheep management, handling, and treatment; farm safety including environmental, electric, plumbing, mechanical, fire; poultry experiences (depending on season); treehouse and primitive structures; primitive/survival skills; Farm product preparation and/or packaging using a licensed Mobile Vending Unit to meet State and other food safety regulations and food preparation and food safety training and/or demonstrations using a licensed Mobile Vending Unit at the farm.

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