Parker Community Historical Society

(913) 898-6891
207 W Main St, Parker, KS 66072
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The Parker Community Historical Society is a non-profit group intent on preserving the heritage of the city of Parker, Kansas and the surrounding community. The group has preserved history in the town and has it on display throughout multiple buildings. Parker Museum Building #1 houses many of the larger early items, Building #2 (main building) houses some of the smaller items and includes a collection of over 500 laminated pages of the Parker Message newspaper. A museum store is located in building #2.

Alongside the two buildings, the Historical Society has also procured a former blacksmith shop, west of the main building which houses some of the larger items in the collection. They also have a one-room country school house which has been moved to a place east of the main building and restored to its original condition.

The museum is open on special days in Parker and whenever volunteer staff is available, for more information contact the number listed, or visit the website for more information.

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