Oketo Community Museum

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204 S. East Street, Oketo, KS 66518
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The main museum building is an 1884 store, with typical general merchandise displayed on the original counters and shelves. Other exhibits include an early telephone booth and switchboard, a barbershop, and a farm kitchen with a wood stove, ice box, and cob box. The advertising curtain from the Oketo Opera House hangs on one wall. A group of Otoe Indian items includes armbands, moccasins and arrowheads that came from the Otoe reservation 1 1/2 miles north of Oketo.

A few steps down the block in the restored bank building, the teller cages, safe, ledgers and adding machine look much the same as when they were in use 100 years ago.

A block away the small stone jail (1895) has iron rings which once secured the prisoners. Farm equipment from 1870 onwards is also on display.

The jail may be visited at any time. The remaining buildings are open by appointment.

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