Nicholson Art Gallery

(785) 726-3879
1779 110th Ave., Ellis, KS 67637
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Located 200 yards west of town. The studio of Nicholson Art displays original fine art paintings by award winning artists Jack A. Nicholson and Paulette (Nicholson) Harp, in a 30' x 40' air conditioned gallery with living room decor: space for 20 - 40 paintings, in addition to 6" x 6" and 4" x 8" minature paintings. It is easy to imagine how the paintings would look on one's own walls. Paintings are bright with intense color, filled with detail, and are well-finished. Painting sizes vary from inexpensive minatures to 3' and 4' sizing; our gallery limit is 8' x 10'.The gallery can be made available for small groups. Gallery hours are by appointment only. Accept Mastercard, VISA, PayPal.

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