Mill Creek Antiques

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109 Newbury, Paxico, KS 66526

For over 35 years Mill Creek Antiques has been buying, selling, and trading unique and rare antiques of the highest quality. Steve Hund Jr., owner and lineal descendant of Paxico's first German founders, began selling antique wood-burning parlor stoves over 35 years ago. He purchased a historic 1890s building in downtown Paxico to house his collection of American and Victorian antiques. He continued to sell vintage wood and gas heating stoves and cook stoves.

Now well known all across the country for a specialty in restoring and selling authentic stoves, Mill Creek Antiques has an extensive line of antique wood stoves and cook stoves. You'll find quality names like Round Oak, Great Western, Home Comfort, Monarch and Moore. Inquire today about the antique stove you've always wanted, or about having a vintage stove restored to its original beauty!

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