LifeTiles Murals

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LifeTiles Murals have been called "movies on the wall". A Pony Express rider gallops across the prairie, his long duster lifting in the wind to reveal the mail pouches.

In the second mural, a Model 119 steam locomotive from 1861 changes into a modern diesel locomotive, suggesting the technological process over the 140 years since Marysville became a railroad town.

The third mural depicts life in Marysville and important things that helped shape our town.

Each mural consists of 90 specialty made ribbed glass tiles. A series of images have been fused into the tiles in such a way that when the viewer moves in front of the mural, the artwork appears to move. Produced by Massachusetts artist, Rufus Seder, the murals are a rare form of art, and the only ones of its kind in Kansas.

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