Lee Richardson Zoo & Safari Shoppe

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312 E Finnup Dr, Finnup Park, Garden City, KS 67846
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Beautiful grounds and fascinating creatures from all over the globe. Over 300 animals are displayed within the 47-acre grounds. The zoo is designed for fun, learning, and discovery and is accessible by foot, car, or bicycle offering a wonderful variety of species. The Wild Asia exhibit features the best of the Orient, with Asian plants, architecture, and animals. Enjoy the antics of the Bactrian camels and siamangs, or the quiet but powerful beauty of the snow leopards. This re-creation of the Asian continent harbors some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. The zoo takes an active role in global conservation programs aimed at protecting many rare and endangered species. Look for the Species Survival Plan symbol throughout the zoo indicating species involved in this conservation program. Tours and programs are available at no cost through the education division. Trained zoo Docents (volunteer teachers) are eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about the zoo and its inhabitants. Advance reservations are required. The Safari Shoppe has souvenirs, food, T-shirts, and gifts. All profits go toward zoo improvements.

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