Keystone Gallery

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401 US Highway 83, Scott City, KS 67871
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Keystone Gallery is a combination museum, art gallery and gift shop. The museum section contains an extensive, scientific collection of local Kansas fossils including a 20-foot Mosasaur and 14-foot Xiphactinus. Many other fish, turtle and bird fossil specimens are also on display.

A colorful mural depicting the ancient Niobrara seaway accompanies our fossil display and was painted by artist Chuck Bonner. His other paintings adorn the walls of the gallery. Scenic photography by Barbara Shelton is also on display. Our gift shop not only has Monument Rocks souvenirs, but U.S. and international fossils, minerals and other items not usually found in this region—it’s a collector’s delight.

The gallery is surrounded by a herd of 300 buffalo that are sometimes nearby or can be spotted in the distance, within our panoramic view of the Smoky Hill River valley. We are conveniently located on US Highway 83 between Lake Scott State Park and Monument Rocks. Visit our website at for more complete information.

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