Kansas Landscape Arboretum

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488 Utah Rd, RR 1 Box 346, Wakefield, KS 67487
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The Kansas Landscape Arboretum offers a glimpse of Kansas nature at its best. As you stroll through over 193 wooded acres, you can see over 1,000 species of trees and shrubs.

The Memorial Tree Walk is a favorite area for visitors at the Arboretum. Currently there are over 260 Memorial Trees. At the base of each tree is a plaque identifying the separate species.

Prairie, woodland and aquatic habitats are easily accessed by three maintained foot trails. From hill top to water's edge, along prairie grass routes, wildflowers, trees, shrubs, cattails and hedges, you experience the essence of the nature of these wild places.

On the Bird Sanctuary Trail, there are sections of tree trunks, placed at intervals for visitors needing a rest or simply wanting to silently contemplate the wonders of nature. Because of the Arboretum's close proximity to Milford Lake, both land and water birds can be viewed daily.

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