Jerry's Again

(913) 367-0577
121 N. 5th, Atchison, KS 66002
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Jerry's Again serves a varied menu. The original Jerry's Restaurant opened in 1964 at 112 S. 6th. Jerry and Virginia Kuckelman operated that restaurant for 31 years and it was known for some of its specialities including catfish, barbecue ribs, and Virginia's famous homemade pies. Jerry and Virginia opened a second restaurant in 1976. Jerry's Two was a delicatessen in "the Gaslight Building." They ran this popular little deli for a short time because they realized their young family needed to be put first.
Jerry's Again is operated by Liz and Theresa, two of Jerry and Virginia's six children. It is located on the first floor of the elegant Masonic Lodge building, which was restored by the owners of Nell Hill's. The second floor of the building contains their Garrity's Encore home furnishings business.

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