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902 W Hwy 96, Scott City, KS 67871
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Renowned artist Jerry Thomas kept his roots planted firmly in Kansas, using colorful mediums to depict life on the prairie. The amazing Western artwork is showcased along with his fascinating collection of one of a kind guns, uniforms, artifacts, and memorabilia from The Battle of the Little Bighorn, Custer's 7th U.S. Cavalry, Native American, Civil War and The Battle of Punished Woman's Fork. The only known image and personal sword of Lt. Col. William H. Lewis, the last military officer to die in Kansas in the Indian Wars, at Punished Woman's Fork, is beautifully displayed.

The Jerry Thomas Gallery and Collection features the beautiful wildlife and western artwork of nationally acclaimed artist Jerry Thomas, and includes Jerry's incredible Western Heritage, Native American, and U.S. Cavalry collection, which showcases amazing artifacts and memorabilia from The Battle of The Little Bighorn, items from the Indian and Civil War eras and the finest collection of The Battle of Punished Woman's Fork memorabilia anywhere.

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