Homer Hanson Stadium

10th and Spring Street, Marysville, KS 66508
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Construction of Homer Hanson Stadium started in 1935 and was finished by the fall of 1936. 1,500 people watched the first game played on the field when the Bulldogs lost a 20-0 game to Junction City. Funds for the stadium came from the Works Progress Administration, which was started under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The WPA helped to put people to work and gave towns like Marysville new schools, gyms, swimming pools, libraries and stadiums. After the stadium was built, it was referred to as the “Rose Bowl” as it was the BEST stadium in the Kansas and Nebraska area. Since then, the only repairs to a unique stadium carved into a hillside were to its concrete base that had flaked or cracked under some seats. Almost daily rock is crumbling or falling in the stadium. Weather, erosion and lack of drainage – not lack of maintenance – are the causes behind the stadium’s deterioration. This very unique arena continually gains rave reviews for being one of the best stadiums in our State because of its natural setting, location and amphitheater atmosphere. A fundraising effort is ongoing to repair this beautiful landmark. Call 785-562-5308 for more information.

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