Holy Cross Church

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1606 Sarratov, Pfeifer, KS 67660
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The small town of Pfeifer is located 12 miles south of Interstate 70 off exit 168, Victoria. As you travel south on Pfeifer Road and come down to the Smoky Hill River, you will behold a breathtaking sight in the valley of the majestic gothic spire rising above the fields. This church was often called the "The church in the valley", "The church around a church" and "The two cent church" because the church construction was financed with a levy of two cents on each bushel of wheat sold by the parishioners. This is the third church built at this location and construction began in April 1915 and was finished in May 1918. It is built of native limestone at a cost of $56,000 and was solemnly blessed and dedicated on May 3, 1918. The church plan is laid out in the form of a cross. The sanctuary is the head, the transepts are the arms, and nave is the body of the cross.

Due to a declining parish population and availability of priests, the Diocese of Salina made the decision to dissolve the parish on July 1, 1993. Although the church is no longer an active parish, it is kept open on a daily basis by the Holy Cross Charities Inc. The few remaining parishioners formed this non-profit corporation in order to keep up the maintenance of the church and cemetery. They operate solely on donations and contributions to keep the church open for visitors to enjoy and they schedule one or two special masses per year.

On June 30, 2008 the Kansas Sampler Foundation announced that the Holy Cross Shrine was named one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas in the Architectural category. More than 8,000 votes were cast in a seven-week period to determine the top eight from a slate of 24 finalists. A list of the other finalist in on the Kansas Sampler Foundation website. www.kansassampler.org

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