Historic Oxford School

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14601 Mission Rd, Ironwoods Park, Leawood, KS 66224
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The one-room Oxford School was built in 1877 on the corner of 135th and Mission Road in eastern Johnson County that today is Leawood, Kansas. The building was used as a one-room school from 1877 until 1955, when it was closed. A church then used it until the mid-1990s.

At one time there were over 100 one-room schools in Johnson County. As suburbia grew, the number declined due to school consolidation and the development of farmland into commercial and residential areas. Leawood was no stranger to the development push and by the early 1990s the Oxford School was in the path of progress.

The Oxford School represented the opportunity to save the last one-room school in eastern Johnson County. Only two other one-room schools had been saved and used as historic schools. The others were either torn down or used for other purposes. Leawood isn’t known for historic structures. Less than a dozen pre-1900 structures (mostly homes) exist in Leawood. Therefore, saving this remnant of its 1870s past was vitally important.

The Leawood Historic Commission spent nine years fundraising and seeking an appropriate site for the school. Its work was celebrated on March 3, 2003 when the school was moved 11 blocks south to Leawood’s Ironwoods Park. The school then underwent a complete historical renovation using Secretary of the Interior Standards and reopened to the public as a living history classroom and community gathering place on July 24, 2004.

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