Gray County Wind Farm Kiosk

(620) 846-2527
Hwy 56 & 17 Rd, Montezuma, KS 67867

170 turbines tower over the southwest Kansas landscape while providing enough electricity to power 33,000 homes. Standing 207-feet and weighing 147,000 lbs, these turbines are located in the first and largest wind farm in Kansas. Each turbine consists of 3-blades, 77ft. each, 154ft. diameter and weighing 3,300 lbs. Rotors turn 28.5 rpm at the hub with tip speeds approaching 155 mph. The turbines can produce electricity at wind speeds as low as 9mph and reach their peak of production at 33 mps plus shut down and turn sideways at wind speeds above 56 mph. Average wind speed at the site is 20 mph. The towers are 520 ft apart, and each row is 1/2 mile apart. There is a steady stream of traffic at the site's informational kiosk.

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