City of Williamsburg

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Williamsburg is located in the southwest part of Franklin County along Old Hwy 50 and I-35. It has a population of 370 as of 2010 and was established as a railroad town in 1868. William Schofield and James F. Dane platted the town, and Schofield promoted a railroad, the Kansas City, Burlington and the Santa Fe, which ran down from Ottawa. The Dan Fogle family, who arrived in 1869 were important citizens operating a general store and involved themselves in other local industries such as coal mining. At one time the Williamsburg Coal Company had a capacity of 25-30 tons of high grade coal a day which was marketed daily to consumers within a 20 to 50 mile radius. There are several interesting homes and churches to view within the area. In recent years, a barbeque restaurant, Guy and Mae's Tavern, has brought state and regional recognition to the community. Southwest of Williamsburg stood Silkville, a silk ribbon producing commune founded by Earnest Valeton de Boissiere, a wealthy native of Bordeaux, France. Mulberry trees, planed to feed the silkworms can still be seen.

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