Arvonia Tourism

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32465, 32413, 32358 S. Arvonia Road, Osage City, KS 66523
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Arvonia Tourism includes a variety of events and activities. Arvonia’s scenic views, wildlife, and historic structures, listed on the Register of Historic Kansas Places and the National Register of Historic Places, provide photographers a variety of opportunities. Dragon Slayer Hunt Club offers land leases and hunting experiences. The Arvonia Historic Preservation Society has special events including Welsh heritage events, historic tours, and the Arvonia Fall Festival. The Creative Cottage is organized for crafters to gather for a weekend stay or a day event to catch up on projects. Cabin rental is available for those needing a weekend getaway on the lake or those wanting to relax in the quiet of the Arvonia setting and enjoy the wildlife, scenery and history. In the near future the restored Arvonia Town Hall will be available to rent for special events. Weddings can be booked at the church. Opportunities abound in Arvonia.

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