1893 Iron Truss Bridge

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4th St and Montgomery St, Elk Falls, KS 67345

Built in 1893, this venerable iron and wood structure once allowed traffic on U.S. 160 to safely cross the Elk River. It stands just downstream of the beautiful waterfalls on the Elk River from which Elk Falls gets its name. It was closed to vehicular traffic in 1976 after being severly damaged during a flood. Now open to foot traffic only, the Bridge is a popular place for picnics, fishing, hiking, or just to relax with the soothing sound of rushing water. The natural limestone outcropping creating the falls was harnessed for water power in 1875 for the old mill which once stood at this site. In 2001, a cooperative effort between the Friends of Elk Falls, the Kansas Dept of Parks and Wildlife, Americorp and the Heritage Trust Fund replaced the rotting wood deck with new treated lumber. Friends and supporters of the bridge can "buy a bridge plank" for a donation and have their names engraved on the deck of the bridge.

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