Studies continue to show that travelers are consciously selecting travel destinations based on sustainable tourism efforts. This is especially true amongst younger generations, who tend to prioritize travel around locations that are doing their part to create sustainable tourism opportunities. We’ve heard these calls for action, and here at Visit Emporia have launched our Visit Emporia Pledge initiative.

Teter Rock

The initiative aims to address three components of responsibility; social, environmental, and cultural. We ask locals and visitors alike to agree to a series of acknowledgment statements that show their commitment to respecting the people of our community, the land, and the way of life in and around Emporia. Once completed, participants have the option to share a digital badge showing that they have taken the pledge with us. 

Flint Hills Fall Sunset

Emporia Gravel Cycling

We believe inviting people to acknowledge their commitment is only the first step, however. For those wanting to do a little more, we invite them to consider donating or volunteering. Funds will be used to both aid in clean-up initiatives as well as preserve and promote cultural events.

Visit Emporia plans to spearhead both local and regional clean-up initiatives. Getting our hands dirty and ensuring that our spaces remain pristine is essential to creating memorable experiences for not only our guests but those who call this area home. We also recognize that our culture and heritage are not only the foundation for our local identity but a key draw for visitors that want to partake in what makes Emporia so special.


We have much to boast about here in Emporia. We are home to William Allen White, the founding city of Veterans day, the gravel grinding capital of the world, the disc golf capital, and so much more. We want to make sure that our cultural events are not only known to potential visitors but that they are supported with additional funds and intentional effort so that they may flourish and attract more people.

Emporia Veterans Day

We invite you to take the pledge with us. Please share your commitment and invite others to do the same by sharing your digital badge via social media. And if you feel so compelled, we encourage you to consider making a donation to help keep our open spaces beautiful and our local culture thriving.