Nestled amidst the rolling Flint Hills of Kansas, a unique cultural gem awaits: the annual Scheherazade Music Festival. Each June, this festival invites you to experience the vibrancy of chamber music in Manhattan, Kansas, surrounded by the natural beauty of the prairie heartland.

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Welcome to "The Little Apple" - home of Kansas State University, the Flint Hills Discovery Center, Konza Prairie, Tuttle Creek Lake, Sunset…

Come See Us at Prairiewood

SMF welcomes you into picturesque venues like Prairiewood's Blue Sage Barn and Chapman Theatre. Here, talented chamber musicians weave their magic, painting vivid sonic landscapes that bring to life captivating stories. More than just a concert series, this event is a portal to a world of musical storytelling, transforming the tallgrass prairie into a vibrant tapestry of sound and narrative.

A highlight of the festival each year is the opening gala concert and cocktail hour. Audience members converse and mingle with artists throughout the evening, connecting through inspiring narratives and exhilarating chamber music performances, surrounded by nature in the scenic Prairiewood Retreat and Tallgrass Preserve Blue Sage Barn. It is a uniquely intimate experience where connections are forged through the shared joy of chamber music, offering an experience wholly different from the large concert halls of urban concrete jungles.


Prairiewood is a specialty lodging and event campus with nearly 500 acres of tallgrass prairie and regular public events, including open trail days, yoga, artist talks, music and other outdoor educational programming…

Beyond the Stage:

SMF is much more than just concerts. It's a vibrant community where artists, composers, and audience members connect. Immerse yourself in workshops with renowned musicians, attend open rehearsals and witness the creative process firsthand, engage in lively post-concert discussions, or simply soak in the warm atmosphere of shared passion for music.

Venture out for "pop-up performances" in unexpected locations – a local coffee shop, a bustling cafe, or a charming bookstore. Each concert becomes a unique discovery, woven into the fabric of the community. And in the evenings, cozy pubs and restaurants host lively after-parties, where musicians and music lovers mingle, swapping stories and sharing their passion for the art. The interactive atmosphere fosters a sense of connection, making you feel like a participant in the artistic tapestry, not just a spectator. 

There is something for everyone at SMF. The festival’s free children’s event inspires youthful imagination and creativity through the stories of chamber music and interactive activities, blending chamber music, education, and entertainment. Featuring a children’s opera, nature walks, and themed activities, the event inspires the next generation of music lovers.

Manhattan Delights:

The city of Manhattan, set in the scenic Flint Hills area, adds to the character of the festival. Its charming downtown, vibrant arts scene, and stunning natural beauty provide the perfect place to immerse yourself in chamber music. Imagine sipping a locally produced craft beer or wine under the Kansas sky before a concert, or indulging in a post-performance meal amidst friendly conversation at a local farm-to-table restaurant.

Explore the Konza Prairie or Tuttle Creek Lake, wander through the Kansas Flint Hills Discovery Center, or stroll down the vibrant Aggieville college district between performances. Lose yourself in the world-class art collection at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, the still echoing sounds of chamber music enhancing the viewing experience. The town's warm hospitality and friendly charm add to the ambiance, making the Scheherazade Music Festival experience truly unforgettable.

Scheherazade Music Festival Manhattan
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So, what can you expect venturing into this musical oasis?

  • Intimate Performances: Ditch the cavernous concert halls and experience chamber music up close and personal. Scheherazade's venues span from charming barns to elegant theaters, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable encounter with the music.

  • Storytelling Through Sound: Each concert is curated around a theme, taking you on a journey. Be prepared to be swept away by the power of music to paint vivid pictures and ignite your imagination.

  • Beyond the Notes: Scheherazade isn't just about the music. Mingle with artists at receptions, participate in interactive workshops, and delve deeper into the creative process with insightful talks and discussions.

  • A Taste of Kansas Charm: The city of Manhattan elevates the whole festival experience. Explore the vibrant Aggieville district, stroll through the charming downtown, indulge in local flavors at cozy cafes, and soak in the friendly atmosphere of this quintessential Midwestern town. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Flint Hills and prairie heartland as you listen to world class chamber music.

More Than Just a Festival:

The Scheherazade Music Festival isn't just a cultural escape; it's a chance to connect. Strike up conversations with fellow music lovers, exchange stories with the musicians, and feel the warmth of a welcoming community. This festival fosters a sense of shared passion, leaving you with not just musical memories, but newfound friendships and a deep appreciation for the power of music in unexpected places. It's a tapestry of sound and story, woven with masterful artistry, reminding you of the magic that happens when music, story, and community collide in the heart of the American Midwest. Mark your calendars for the next festival and book your tickets early.

Ready to embark on your own chamber music story? Visit the SMF website to learn more about the upcoming festival, explore the program, and book your tickets!

Scheherazade Music Festival

Scheherazade Music Festival presents story driven chamber music at the scenic Prairiewood Retreat & Preserve’s Blue Sage Barn each June…