Squirrel will be what’s for dinner on June 1 at Tuttle Creek State Park’s Fancy Creek Shooting Range. Novice hunters of any age are invited to help gather the main course at a special guided/instructional hunting event. There’s no special charge for the event. Hunting gear, including guns and ammo, can be furnished.

It’s hoped participants leave the hunt with all they need to know to pursue squirrels, a Kansas game animal with much to offer.


They have a nine-month season that begins on June 1. Much of the state’s best hunting is on public lands and there’s seldom competition for spots. Any gun from a single-shot .410 to a tricked-out target .22 with custom scope will work.

There’s also no shortage of techniques that will work for hunting squirrels, including just sitting in a spot, slowly sneaking along, calling and using dogs.

Squirrel Hunting Michael Pearce

As for table fare, pioneers didn’t call them “limb chickens” for nothing!

The event is sponsored by the state park, Riley County Fish & Game Association, Friends of Fancy Creek Shooting Range and Friends of Tuttle Creek State Park.

Pre-registration for limited spaces in the family-friendly event is required at 785-539-7941. Youth and adult participants are welcome. A hunting license or apprentice hunting license is required for those 16 and over. An unlicensed non-hunter can accompany a hunter and guide.

Participants will meet experienced guides at 8:30 a.m. to check firearms and give shooting lessons, if needed. An hour later the guides take their hunters, which can range from one to three hunters afield. Participants and guides will meet back at Fancy Creek Shooting Range at 1:30 p.m. The meal with squirrel will start at 3 p.m.

Squirrel hunting sign