From Wiener Kitchen’s Dave Derr and Jessica Rush


•   5 pounds pork shoulder (70% lean/30% fat), cubed and chilled

•   1 2/3 ounces kosher salt

•   1 tablespoon black pepper

•   1½ ounces minced garlic

•   1 cup ice water

•   10 to 12 feet of hog casings


1  Toss chilled meat, fat, salt, pepper and garlic in a bowl.

2  Grind mixture through a fine grinder die into an electric mixer bowl over an ice bath.

3  Fit the mixer with a paddle and mix for about 1 minute, gradually adding water, until fully incorporated.

4  Sauté a small test patty and adjust seasonings if desired.

5  At this point, the mixture may be stored in bulk form, pattied, or stuffed into casings.

6  Grill, roast or sauté the sausage to an internal temperature of 165º.