FAQs - Kansas UGC Partner Network

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens when you join the network?

The user generated content that you tag or ask permission for in CrowdRiff will be automatically visible to Kansas Tourism. The content that you upload to CrowdRiff (your owned photos and videos) will not be shared in the network initially. This is an opt-in feature that you may choose to add at a later time.

What are the benefits of joining?

  • Access to CrowdRiff’s technology, including:

    • Advanced search capabilities (including searching photograph content)

    • Create and manage photo galleries on your website

    • Display a user generated photo wall at events

    • Upload, store and organize visual content (including other content eg. owned images or staff photos)

    • Ask multiple users for permission to share their content with a click of a button (advanced feature)

    • Add calls to action to user generated content on your website galleries (advanced feature)

    • Share a folder of content with people outside the network (advanced feature)

    • Access exclusive network pricing.

  • Easily feed user-generated content directly to Kansas Tourism

Examples of how you might use the network

  • Kansas Tourism will be able to look through the curated photos from  Visit Topeka to find great local content.

  • If Explore Lawrence’s main attractions join the network, they will have a steady source of quality content they can curate and use to develop galleries on their website using CrowdRiff’s gallery feature.

  • If a small business already uses CrowdRiff, by joining the network the photos they are already curating will automatically be shared with partner organizations making it more likely they will be amplified by other accounts and seen by more potential travellers.

Who can join?

Any organization in the tourism industry (or related sector) in Kansas

What’s next?

Authenticate your account here, or email jordan.roemerman@ks.gov for more information.


Jordan Roemerman Marketing Manager