Current Issue

"Honoring Kansas' Military" 

Summer 2019 | Vol. 75 Issue 2

On the Cover

Jackson Nichols holds an American flag on s sunlit Kansas prairie - photo by Doug Stremel.


 This Season

   By Cecilia Harris
  Fire Station Rescue

   How To? 
   By Mary R. Gage
 Refuel a Stealth Bomber

   By Cecilia Harris
   Veteran Equine Therapy

   Made in Kansas.
   By Katy Schamberger
   Lighting the Way

  Kansas Air.
   By Michael Pearce
  Summer Catfish

   Behind the lens. 
   Interviewee Jason Dailey
   A conversation with KANSAS! photographers about their lives in photography.


 Wide Open Spaces

A Roll Call of Treasures
    By Kim Gronniger,  Photography Bill Stephens
    Inside Fort Leavenworth, a new foundation works to preserve and share a rare collection of military artifacts from U.S. history and global allies.

The Value of Life
    By Kelly Gibson, poetry by Annette Hope Billings,  Photography Bill Stephens
    A Kansas-based group works to prevent military suicides across the nation


 Taste of Kansas

Milking Innovation & Tradition
    By Meta West Photography by David Mayes
   A Kansas Family dairy farming tradition since 1930, the Hildebrands expand their reach with a new on-site bottling plant. 



Celebrating IKE
 By Cecilla Harris, photography by Eisenhower Presidental Library Museum
 Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of D-Day landings during WWII, the Eisenhower Museum in Abilene reopens with new exhibits

 A Rodeo that has a Reputation
 By Beccy Tanner, photography by Jason Dailey
With roots in the ranching community and a family of world-champion riders, Strong City's Flint Hills Rodeo celebrates 82 years this summer