The Allen House in Wichita

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"Home & Land" 

Winter 2021 | Vol. 75 Issue 4

On the Cover

The Allen House in Wichita, designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright 


 Kansas Details

   By Cecilia Harris
  The Gift of Food, Send delicious Kansas this holiday

   By Cecilia Harris
   Everyone Loves a Parade - Holiday celebrations and traditions

   Made in Kansas.
   By Amber Fraley
   Poppin' Good, This group of Kansas producers offer comfort goods of all sorts, from snacks to skin care

   Kansas Air.
   By Michael Pearce
   Adventure, on day one - First Day Hike celebrations grow in popularity

   Behind the lens. 
   Interviewee BriJoRae Pusch-Zuniga
   A conversation with KANSAS! photographers about their lives in photography.

 Wide Open Spaces

The Kernza Fields
    By David Clouston, Photography by Karen Mikols Bonar
   The Land Institute in Salina works to create perennial grains for a sustainable agriculture future

A Lonesome Lot
    By Marsha Henry Goff
   For Mary Hammond Sly and other Euro-American settlers who arrived in Kansas in the Mid-1800s, life was unpredictable and full of loss.

 Taste of Kansas

A Heritage of Flavor
    By Meta Newell West,  Photography by Jason Dailey
A collection of community cookbooks highlights regional culinary history and "the ingenuity and adaptability of Kansas cooks"


The Original Home on the Range
By Amber Farley
 Indigenous people's oral histories and archeological research provide insight into the first Kansas homes

Iconic Homes of Kansas
 By A collection of writers, 
Legends, photos and details of five historic, quirky, stunning and otherwise interesting homes in Kansas.