Kimberly Winter SternKimberly Winter Stern - Writer - Overland Park

This Overland Park-based freelance writer's favorite assignments are about the places and people that make up her adopted state of Kansas. A native Iowan, Kimberly confesses her love and admiration of the hard-working, creative and industrious people that make the state of Kansas come alive for not only residents, but visitors who come seeking the answer to the proverbial question: "Why is there no place like home in Kansas?" Kimberly pens her prose on food, design, sustainability, lifestyle and people for national, regional and local publications. A former corporate manager and caterer, she considers herself a creative gypsy whose greatest talent is in uncovering the simple authenticity of what makes life in the Sunflower State so darned appealing.


Kimberly's work in KANSAS!
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Fall 2011 - "Chefs A La Carte"
Spring 2011- "Passport to Kansas"
Winter 2010-"Take the Long Road"