Winter Wonderland
A celebration of lights create a Winter Wonderland of surprises with a drive-through show that's guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit.
By Ron Welch

Angels Among Us
Porcelain angels and dolls are beautifully crafted with details that make these fragile pieces simply divine to view and collect.
By Jeanette Steinert, photos by Roy Stienert

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Race
The International Pancake race pits Liberal, Kan., against Olney, Englad, in this fun-filled traditional event that features high tea, pageantry and plenty of pancakes.
By Sally M. Snell, photos by Michael C. Snell

A Stop in Time
The Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm in Olathe beckons travelers back in time to enjoy the last surviving authentic stagecoach stop on the Santa Fe Trail.
By Marti Attoun, photos by Gerard Attoun

A Capitol Idea
The center of Kansas gomvernment is undergoing extensive renovations that are uncovering the past, restoring the beauty and adding sparkle to this gem of the prairie.
By Sally M. Snell, photos by Michael C. Snell

The Brookville Hotel Flies the Coop to Roost in Abilene
The legendary Brookville Hotel may have changed locations (from Brookville to Abilene) but it still serves one of the most famous fried chicken dinners in Kansas.
By Cecilia Harris, photos by Bill Stephens

Marionettes Have Wichita Couple on a String
John and Pauline Cravens have a hobby with strings attached. But they don't mind. They're carving out a niche with their handcrafted marionettes.
By Fred Solis

Favorite Recipe
Cherry Glazed Salmon from City Limits in Colby

Volume 56, Issue 4
Nancy Nowick Ramberg, editor
On the cover: Ice covered trees on the Konza Prairie by Kevin Sink