A Family Affair
Beautiful works of glass are created when Doug and Bo Sheafor family of Topeka gathers.
By Ron Welch, photos by Nathan Ham

Our Cultural Bounty
With at least 700 designated and registered outdoor sculptures, Kansas has significantly more than any other neighboring state.
By Bill Sheldon, photos by Michael Snell

Christmas Home of the High Plains
The spirit of the season is evident in every room of the Jim and Roberta Harries home in WaKeeney.
By Sherry Spitsnaugle

On Strawberry Hill
A unique museum preserves the rich ethnic heritage of one of Kansas City's well-known ethnic neighborhoods.
By Ron Welch, photos by Aneal Vohra

The Brickyard Barn Inn
Andy and ReRe Anderson entertain guests in a former dairy barn north of Topeka.
By Ron Welch

Holiday Magic
The time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day is the most special of all in historic Yates Center.
By Ron Welch

And the Wagons Rolled On
In this excerpt from Emporia author Don Coldsmith's forth coming novel, Tallgrass, frontiersman jed Sterling joins an expedition led by Major Bennett Riley.
By Don Coldsmith

Christmas in Johnson County
The number one attraction in Johnson County during the holiday season is the same it is the rest of the year-shopping.
By Ron Welch

The Stained Glass Capital of Kansas
Cloud County capitalizes on its abundance of beautiful stained glass windows.
By Linda Chubbuck Johnson, photos by David E. Clouston

The Cream of the Crop
Rise to the top-with Stafford Coutny Flour Mills' Hudson Cream Flour.
By Lisa Stevens John

Luther's Smokehouse
Head to LeRoy for beef jerky that will take you to the ends of the earth.
By Joanne M. Sheehan

Volume 51, Issue 4
Andrea Glenn, editor
On the cover: christmas lights in Overland Park by Aneal Vohra