Winter 1992Remembering John Steuart Curry
During its 1929 session, the Kansas Legislature recognized its most famous native artist.

A Prairie Christmas
Abilene's Christmas in the Cabin event allows visitors to experience firsthand a prairie welcome.

Sifers Valomilk Candy
In 1985, Russ Sifers fulfilled his dream of reopening his family's candy company.

Memories in Miniature
Across America and beyond, people are discovering the tiny, wooden buildings created by Dave and Doreen Ross.

A Man and His Mill
Jim Hinson grinds grain into flour the old-fashioned way at his historic mill in Chetopa.

The Independence Road
The first 172 miles of the historic Oregon Trail crossed the northeastern section of Kansas.

The Greening of Geneseo
Inspired by the local grade school's green dragon mascot, Geneseo residents uniquely decorate for the holidays.

Reviving a Lost Art
Dinah Terrill of Clyde used her grandmother's noodle recipe and a lot of ingenuity to establish Dinah's Old-fashioned Egg Noodles.

Among Friends
As you discover the Oregon Trail this spring, stop for a bite to eat and a warm welcome at Wamego's Friendship House.

Bethesda Place
Tom and Shelley Stafford share their home west of Hays with seven "special people."

Dighton Dazzles for the Holidays
When the switch is thrown on the holiday lights in Dighton, the whole town is proud.

Volume 47, issue 4
Andrea Glenn, editor
On the cover: Cimmaron River near Liberal by Maurice Norton.