Tip Tops
NuWay Café, Wichita
KANSAS! Fall 2000 issue

5 3-4 oz. pork tenders
5 5"buns
Breading mix (1/3 c. flour and 2/3 c. cracker meal)

Fill pan with cold water, enough to cover 5 pork tenders, when they are stacked on top of each other. Put cracker meal breading in a pan the same size as the water pan. The meal should be about the same amount as the water. Dip the pork tenders in the water so they are covered completely. Then dip the pork tenders into the breading mixture so they are covered completely. Dip the tenders back into the water covering completely. Dip back into the breading mix while pressing the breading into the pork tenders. Try to shape them into the size of a bun.

Cook the pork tenders for approximately three minutes in a deep-fat fryer at 350 degrees.
The Tip Tops should turn brown and float. When freshly breaded it may not turn brown.