Reasons We Love Kansas
Summer just wouldn't be the same without riding the carousel at Gage Park in Topeka, sailing on Cheney lake, watching a fourth of July celebration and swimming in the big pool in Garden City.
By George Hendrix

Ranch Rodeos
Welcome to the world of ranch rodeos, where genuine cowboys and cowgirls compete doing everyday chore-sorting cattle from a herd, roping and dropping steers, branding and bronc riding-all for modest prizes. Take a bleacher seat at one of the Kansas Ranch Rodeos and see the action.
By George Hendrix

Celebrate Sunflowers
Field after field of sunflowers greets you as you drive along Sherman County backroads in northwestern Kansas. Beside the flowers being beautiful, the seeds fuel the economy at three nearby processing plants. Mid-August is the best time to view Goodland's favorite crop.
By Carol Crupper

Artists' Trail
It doesn't matter what kind of art you prefer-naturalist, Impressionist, realist or abstract-all the galleries along our artists' trail introduce you to inspiring Kansas artists.
By Pam Grout

Welcome to Our Town: Lucas
This timy Kansas town has grown into a hub for offbeat, "outsider" art. More than 100 years ago, S.P. Dinsmoor started this movement with his quirky Garden of Eden. The Grassroots Art Center and local galleries are it's latest expression. Tour these and more when you visit Lucas.
By Sally M. Snell

Taste of Kansas: Fried Chicken!
Visit some of our favorite restaurants-Al's Chickenette, the Brookville Hotel and the Chicken House-that serve finger-lickin' good fried chicken.
By Cecilia Harris

Volume 64, Issue 2
Cara Sloan, editor
On the Cover: Cowboy and Son by Harland Schuster