All Aboard in Abilene
The Abilene and Smoky Valley Railroad Association's new excursion train proudly revives railroad history in Dickinson County.
By Jaurene Lauppe

Chapman's Windmill Inn
Deb and Tim Sanders offer gourmet dining-with a few very unusual entrees-in the restored farmhouse built by Deb's grandfather in 1917. Windmill Inn Apple Torte Recipe [click here]
By Cecilia Harris, photos by Paul Beaver

It's Rodeo Time
Pull on your boots, put on your hat and join the fun. Pretty Prairie and Strong City are hosts to two of the state's best tributes to our western heritage.
By Bill Sheldon, photos by David Clouston

At Home on the Range
At the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge near Canton, herds of buffalo and elk roam free as living reminders of earlier days on the Kansas prairie.
By Shawna Bethell Paramore

Kansas...Simply Wonderful
The new state slogan, introduced by the Travel & Tourism Division in early 1996, represents the best of what Kansas has to offer.

The Trail to Santa Fe
In this excerpt from Emporia author Don coldsmith's upcoming novel, Kenzas, a French captain in the 1700s envisions a trail for trade across the central plains.
By Don Coldsmith, Watercolor by Galen Senogles

Sentinel of the Plains
Gove county's dramatic Castle Rock, a favorite of photographers and sightseers alike, has stood guard over the Kansas plains for centuries.
By Shawna Bethell Paramore

A Legacy in Art
Lawrence artist Laurie Houseman-Whitehawk paints to explain the beauty, dignity and pride of her native people.
By Susan Knuth-Krebs

Kansas Water Gardens
Garden ponds-both public and private-are becoming increasingly popular across Kansas.
By Katie Stutridge

Baseball in Elkhart
Two dozen of America's top collegiate baseball players descend on elkhart each June to compete in a dizzying two-month schedule of 48 games.
By Ron Welch

A Berry Good Place
People flock to Darnaby's Berry farm and Country House north of Arma for fresh blackberries and a crop of other attractions.
By Marti Attoun, photos by Gerard Attoun

Volume 51, Issue 2
Andrea Glenn, editor
On the Cover: Wildflowers in Chase County by Daniel Dancer