Summer 1992Operation Bright Touch
Volunteer gardeners band together to beautify Parsons.

A Flowering Feast
Visitors from 39 states have enjoyed the flowers in Dale Shirley's Vermillion garden.

Sculpting in Limestone
Damon Vonada of Sylvan Grove Creates beautiful artwork from Kansas limestone.

Blue Heron Futons
"A couch by day, a bed by night" is the slogan for this growing Lawrence business.

A Midsummer's Day Dream
Lindsborg celebrates the summer solstice in the Swedish tradition.

Cimarron National Grassland
Encompassing 108,176 acres in Morton County, the grassland is home to many species of prairie wildlife.

Fields of Fair
With the harvest and crush in the summer of 1988, Jim Fair and his vineyard brought wine back to Kansas.

Powwows of the Proud
Native Americans, including the four Kansas tribes, share their heritage through dance and music in powwows presented throughout the year.

Welcome Traveler
Crystle's Bed and Breakfast Inn in Concordia rekindles the hospitality of its long-time owner, Crystle McDowell.

Center Stage in Waterville
Summer theatre in this Marshall County community of 600 is nearly a 20 year tradition.

Mexican Fiesta
A carnival-like atmosphere prevails in Chanute's Santa Fe Park curing the annual Mexican fiesta.

July 4th - Peabody Style
Peabody's annual Sound and Light Show highlights the town's historic business district.

Volume 47, issue 2
Andrea Glenn, editor
On the cover: Sailboats at Perry lake by Mike Tomlinson