Reasons We Love Kansas
Photographers, Pie, Prints, Forts, Nature's Bounty, Festivals and more!

Welcome to Our Town: Wamego
the road to Oz leads to Wamego, home of the Oz Museum where you'll find one of the world's largest private collections of memorabilia.
By Pam Grout

Flint Hills Spring
It's springtime in Cottonwood falls when wildflowers blossom, prairie chickens boom and artists display their creations at the annual Prairie Fire Festival.
By George Hendrix

College Hoop-la
Pumped up fans rock the university towns of Lawrence and Manhattan on game day. Find out where to catch the action before the game.
By Susan Kraus

Angling for the Big One
Grab the Fishing Poles: There are 24 major reservoirs, 40 state fishing lakes and plenty of ponds, streams and rivers teeming with a variety of fish.
By George Hendrix

Community Comes Together
The 5.4.7 Arts Center in Greensburg is the first building in Kansas to be awarded LEED Platinum status. Discover how this is setting the stage as the rest of the town is being rebuilt.
By Susan Kraus

Taste of Kansas: Cinnamon Rolls!
By Cecilia Harris

Volume 65, Issue 1
Jennifer Haugh, editor
On the Cover: Mandarin duck at the David Traylor Zoo-Katie Morris