Reasons We Love Kansas
The Keeper of the Plains, Tulips, Monument Rock and More!

High Plains and Red Hills
The buttes and valleys of southern Kansas comprise some of the most beautiful and unusual landscapes in the Midwest. Take a drive along the gypsum Hilols Scence Byway and see the area's striking hues, mesas and unusual wildlife.
By Cynthia Mines

Bleeding Kansas
The pro-and antislavery violence centered in the Kansas territory in the mid-1800s held the nation spellbound. experience the drama of events leading to Kansas' entry into the Union as a free state.
By George Hendrix

Welcome to Our Town: Oakley
This hamlet in the western reaches of the state holds a couple of surprises for travelers: on old-time theater (showing first-run movies) with unexpected management, and a unique museum filled with the fossils of sea creatures that called that area home millions of years ago.
By Sally M. Snell

Taste of Kansas: Restaurants in former bank buildings.
Southwest Chicken Recipe

Volume 64, Issue 1
Cara Sloan, editor
On the cover: Cow and calf in Brown County by Harland Schuster