Reasons We Love Kansas
Kansas Wildlife, Underground Salt Museum, Katy day, Hedrick's Exotic Animals and more!

Welcome to Our Town: Lincoln
Discover the people and places that make this small town a special place to visit or even settle in.
By Sally M. Snell

Cowboy Up
Rounding up cattle on the open range is the perfect way to experience and authentic Kansas ranch.
By George Hendrix and Jack Handley

Through the Lens
A passion for panoramic prairie vistas drives photographer John Morrison's art.
By Cynthia Mines

Kansas Celebrates Quilts
A Quilters Story by Debbie Leckron Miller
Kansas' Quilting Legacy by Diana West
Quilt Shop Hop by Carol Crupper
Download "Mrs. Malcolm's Sunflower" Quilt pattern here!

Taste of Kansas

Treat yourself to an ice cream soda with our tasty recipe or a visit to an old-fashioned soda fountain.

Volume 63, Issue 1
Cara Sloan, editor
On the Cover: Sampling of Quilts by Diane Guthrie