Get In A Rut
You can still travel and see much of the Oregon Trail through Kansas, but a covered wagon isn't necessary.
By Mary R. Gage, photos by David Gage

Buried Treasure
Kansans are digging Kansas and coming up with some exceptional finds.
By Janet Majure

Building on a Small Yet Grander Scale
The fine art of building tracker pipe organs is a specialty for Kansan Steve Richardson.
By Ann Parr, photos by Dr. Dale Cole

The Cowboy Still Rides High
Where else but Dodge City can you find a true tribute to the American Cowboy?
By Evelyn Steimel

There's Black Gold in Them Thar Hills
Explore the state's rich oil and gas history at the Kansas Oil Museum.
By Kenna Bruner Pierce, photos by Connie M. Van Zandt

For the Love of William Allen White
The words of Emporia's own editor-in-chief live on for the world to read.
By Jackie Ryan, photos by Warner Blackburn

Roots of the Frontier Army Firmly Planted in Ft. Leavenworth
From the Lousiana Purchase to the U/S. Army Command and General Staff college, roots run deep in Fort Leavenworth.
By Jeanette Steinert, photos by Roy Steinert

A Majestic Stage Set for Dinner
A historic movie theatre now serves up a fine dining experience.
By Jackie Ryan

God's Garden
Paul Muller has created a little piece of Eden in Soloman.
By Jeri Clouston, photos by David E. Clouston

Favorite Recipe
Peanut Butter Pie from the Chase Cafe in Chase.

Volume 56, Issue 1
Andrea Glenn, editor
On the cover: Birdfoot violets by David Dvorak