Scott BeamScott Bean - Photographer - Manhattan
A native Kansan, Scott Bean grew up spending time outside hunting and fishing from which he developed an interest in nature. His passion (or addiction) for photography grew from a desire to simply be outside. "I love to drive the back roads and explore places I've never been before while ‘hunting' for the right moment to stop and create a photograph," he says. Why photograph Kansas? Scott knows many people think that Kansas is simply one large, flat featureless field. There is no doubt that fields are important to Kansas, we do feed a big part of the world after all. And to Scott, fields have their own beauty, "A Kansas wheat field with a gentle breeze blowing across it during a summer sunset is a wonderful sight." Likewise, fall colors are enhanced by the corn and milo fields across the state. Kansas has many diverse landscapes to experience; short grass and tall grass prairies, forests, sandstone canyons, limestone rock formations, and yes even hills (lots of them in fact). If you haven't experienced the different landscapes of Kansas then you are missing out on something special-that "something special" is why Scott photographs Kansas.

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