Sally M. SnellSally M. Snell - writer - Lawrence

Sally's Kansas roots stretch back to 1870 when her great-great grandmother arrived in Topeka with guitar in-hand to teach music at the College of the Sisters of Bethany. A lifelong Kansan herself, Sally grew up hearing about the lives of her forefathers, surviving the perils of fires and spring storms, struggling to raise a family in the face of war and a bleak economy, pursuing their dreams, and celebrating holiday traditions. Her interest in sharing other Kansan's stories and the rich history of the region was sparked while she was administrator for the State tourism program in the 1990s, and later attended focused workshops on travel writing through UCLA and the University of Iowa.
Sally has contributed articles to dozens of national and regional publications, co-authored several books on a range of non-fiction topics, and garnered awards from the National Federation of Press Women for her work.

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