Lou Ann ThomasLou Ann Thomas - Writer - Manhattan

There is some speculation that Lou Ann Thomas was born a gypsy and kidnapped by a roving band of Midwestern farm wives. That's one way to explain the years this Kansas farm girl spent wandering the country, living in places like Chicago, Arizona and California. But, Lou Ann couldn't leave Kansas forever and, like Dorothy, always knew there was no place like her Kansas home. Lou Ann has been writing since she first learned to print and that, coupled with a lifelong love of office supplies, was the impetus for her decision to make writing her career. Lou Ann has written for a number of publications and is the author of Stories from a Life in Progress, chosen by the National Federation of Press Women as the Best Non-fiction Humor Book in 2007. Lou Ann still considers the biggest thrill, and honor, to be a contributor to KANSAS! magazine because it so beautifully reflects the state she loves and its people.

Lou Ann's work with KANSAS!
Winter 2010-"Our Town: Waterville"