Celebrating 70 years of KANSAS!

Winter 2015 | Vol. 71, Issue 4

On the Cover
Lasswell, Kansas near the Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway, photography by Harland Schuster.

Andrea Etzel, Editor
Katy Ibsen, Managing Editor
Shelly Brant, Art Director

In Season

  • Eat, Feed the Pheasant Hunter
    by Dave Zumbaugh

  • Shop, The Perfect Gift, The Perfect Cause
    by Katy Schamberger

  • Culture, Topeka Symphony Orchestra Turns 70
    by Nathan Pettengill

  • Sampler, True Prairie Home
    by Marci Penner of the Kansas Sampler Foundation

  • Ride, Taking the Capital Highway

Wide Open Spaces

  • Sweetly Sings o'er the Plains
    by Cecilia Harris
    The annual Cathedral Concert lights up St. Fidelis.

  • Home Sweet Hays
    by Katy Schamberger, photography by Karen Mikols Bonar
    Celebrate the present - explore the past - in one of Kansas' favorite frontier towns.

  • Turning 70
    by Julie Tollefson
    A look back at how KANSAS! its start.

Discover Kansas' Top 70 Bucket List
From Kansas' Tallgrass Prairie to Alcove Springs: the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City to chicken cuisine in Pittsburg, the Gypsum Hills to the Amelia Earhart festival - these are just a few of the amazing experiences on Kansas' bucket lists.

Kansas Finest
The 2015 class of Kansas promoters, lovers, and supporters.

  • Bob Nicholson, developed the Switchgrass Epic Mountain Bike Trail at Wilson State Park
  • Jim & Kathy Richardson, owners of Small World Gallery in Lindsborg
  • Dave Kendall, Kansas documentarian and former host of Sunflower Journys
  • Mary Meyer, Council Grove Middle School teacher and creator of "Where On Earth is Kansas?" Facebook page
  • Macey Hensley, presidental expert and our first Junior Kansas Finest

Kansas Winter Gallery
Photography by Bruce Hogle, Brad Neff, Lou Stone, Teresa Grove, Rose Burgweger, and Betty Morgan.

Taste of Kansas

Season's Eatings
by Lou Ann Thomas, photography by Doug Stremel
Despite gray skies and barren fields, winter's bounty offers a variety of flavors.

Features: RowHouse (Topeka)